Holistic Approach

How We Work

When you partner with CGL, you’re partnering with 50 years of criminal justice expertise.

Our specialized background gives us the capacity to address all phases and facets of criminal justice operations and facility development. We work directly with the client, applying our full range of services to develop well-rounded programs and inspired solutions to complex problems.

We approach every project with:

  • An inclusive process
  • A holistic view of the needs for justice facilities and justice operations
  • Solutions that meet specific needs of the client, users, and the community
  • Comprehensive plans that work and inspire

When You Should Hire Us

Our services span an entire project and building lifecycle, giving us the unique capability to help a client at any stage of the development process and well beyond completion.

We integrate operational experts, planners, architects, construction managers, maintenance technicians, and finance specialists to provide comprehensive, continuous service, bridging them from the initial planning phase through the occupancy and the facility’s long-term maintenance (both preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance).

Whether it’s a long way out from a facility’s construction, approaching design and construction phases, or well after the facility is operational, our unique and comprehensive array of services can be applied entirely or selectively to meet client needs.

Meet Our Experts

A Holistic Vision for Criminal Justice

The Most Comprehensive Body of Knowledge in the Criminal Justice Industry

CGL has more knowledge than any firm in the criminal justice industry. Our justice field data dates back 50 years. We are not only familiar with best practices in criminal justice and maintenance– we teach them. Our staff speaks at professional justice conferences, are committee-level leaders for industry organizations, and are published widely as thought leaders in justice.

Significant Facility Cost Savings for Its Lifespan, Saving Taxpayers Millions

An initial capital investment represents only a fraction of the total cost of owning and operating justice facilities, especially for corrections and detention facilities, which operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With a specialty in facility cost savings, not only can we extend your facility’s life, but we can provide taxpayers with millions of dollars in savings.

As the largest and most experienced provider of criminal justice facility maintenance, we can provide you with the data to develop a proven and propriety Total Cost of Ownership approach to project management and preventive maintenance, which is both evidence-based and proven to extend a facility’s useful life. Our ability to significantly lower operational costs influences our designs.

Reduced Risk and Comprehensive Plans That Actually Work

We’re focused on justice, and have been for nearly half a century. We know how to recognize an issue before it becomes a problem. We know what works and what doesn’t. Our focus is entirely on serving county, state, and federal clients to maximize the value of their justice facilities over time.

A Complete View of Both Facility and Operational Needs

Our experts are the best in criminal justice; each of them with extensive experience in planning, designing, maintaining or managing justice facilities and systems. With this expertise in place, we know how to deliver criminal justice cost savings and optimize facility operations.

We’re setting the pace for innovation and improving the value of justice facilities through increased efficiency, sanitation, security, and lifespan. Our expertise can paint the big picture so you can get a complete look at your facility, no surprises.

None of our competitors – whether in architecture, planning, or facility maintenance – can match this depth of experience or breadth of services.

Speed to Market With a Single Source Solution

Our expansive service offering spans the entire project and building lifecycle. This lets us serve clients continuously, long before and far beyond that initial facility renovation or construction. We invest in our clients’ long-term success and develop lifelong partnerships. Some of our client relationships date back 30 years.

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