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The 360 Justice Podcast gives leaders in the criminal justice industry a platform to discuss how they are solving tough social infrastructure challenges, including overcrowded and aging facilities, changing demographics, staffing shortages, insufficient funding, and more.

Having worked with justice leaders in all 50 states and 22 countries, we know there is a strong desire to learn from others in the justice profession. Join us each quarter as we talk with distinguished guests from the criminal justice industry about top of mind issues and solutions that have worked for them.

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Eli Gage

Eli Gage

Founder of Correctional News and CEO


S.2 EP.3

The Changing Landscape of Criminal Justice: A Look Back and Ahead with Visionary Architect Roger Lichtman

Welcome back to another episode of the 360 Justice podcast, hosted by Joe McKenna. Today, we are joined by Roger Lichtman, Justice Lead, Americas at AECOM. In this episode, Joe and Roger dive deep into Roger’s extensive experience in the criminal justice industry. With over 40 years as an architect…
S.2 EP.2

Empowering Justice: Andie Moss on PREA, Culture Change & Leadership

In this episode of the 360 Justice Podcast, Steve Carter sits down with Anadora Moss, the founder of the Moss Group, a criminal justice consulting firm. Ms. Moss has been at the forefront of implementing the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) and has been instrumental in developing culture change initiatives…
S.2 EP.1

Unlocking Change: Transforming Corrections through Strategic Inmate Management & Engaging Environments with Sheriff Wayne Dicky

In this podcast episode, Brian Lee and Wayne Dicky discuss the importance of meeting the needs of incarcerated individuals and how our assumptions about rule-breaking can hinder effective management. They emphasize that sometimes people break rules to survive, and it’s essential to create an environment that addresses those underlying needs.…
S.1 EP.112

Evaluating Transitional Success with CLA Executive Director Kevin Kempf

The duties and expectations of a new DOC director can be overwhelming, even for highly qualified candidates. “Once correctional directors and leaders join the Correctional Leaders Association, they are empowered with information, able to confidently make changes, and can more easily adapt to unprecedented obstacles,” says Kevin Kempf, Executive Director…
S.1 EP.111

An Inside Look at Travis County Civil & Family Courts Facility with Judge Lora J. Livingston

“As the population increases, so does the business of the courthouse,” says Travis County Courts Administrative Judge Lora J. Livingston. With the county’s population increasing by 35% in the past decade, Travis County, Texas is no exception. This episode of 360 Justice features a discussion with Judge Livingston, who played…
S.1 EP.110

Examining the Role of Mental Health in Criminal Justice with Dr. Elizabeth Falcon

Dr. Elizabeth Falcon, CEO and founder of nationally recognized consulting and management firm Falcon, visits 360 Justice to discuss the growing trend of creating change-oriented environments that promote successful reintegration opportunities for inmates. Dr. Falcon also lends her expertise on different treatment approaches, the recognition of trauma, and how diversion…
S.1 EP.109

Outlining the Road to Recovery: How to Apply for the New COVID-19 Relief Funding with NACo’s Eryn Hurley

The CARES Act and its Coronavirus Relief Fund carried narrow restrictions that made navigation and compliance a frustrating endeavor for hundreds of counties around the country. The new, flexible American Rescue Plan (ARP) and its Coronavirus State and Local Recovery Fund promise to give some relief to counties who struggled…
S.1 EP.108

Analyzing the Future of Rehabilitation with Former ACA President Gary Mohr

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most significant issues challenging the criminal justice industry was staff recruitment and retention. Public sentiment has historically underappreciated the efforts of correctional staff, who face safety issues, long hours, and high turnover for low pay. Could this have a long-term effect on…
S.1 EP.107

Planning for the Unknown: Transforming Our Approach to Intake with Maricopa County Deputy Chief Brian Lee

It’s been eight months since Maricopa County Deputy Chief Brian Lee first came on the show to discuss how his justice facilities were responding to the then-highest number of COVID cases in the world. Join hosts Eli Gage and Bob Glass as they speak with Brian about the critical components…
S.1 EP.106

Demystifying Progressive P3 Delivery with Rodney Moss

Is Public Private Partnership (P3) the ideal delivery method for your justice project? Host Eli Gage and colleague Joe Lee are joined by Hunt Companies Senior Vice President Rodney Moss to navigate the components of successful progressive P3 delivery and the emerging value of the evolving American P3 model. Learn…
S.1 EP.105

Progressive Solutions for Operational Challenges with Circuit Court Judge David Byrn

Courts, by nature, are creatures of tradition. So how can we push progress in one of society’s most stabilized forces? The answer lies in adaptability and flexibility. In episode 5 of the 360 Justice Podcast, Jackson County Circuit Court Judge David Byrn joins hosts Eli Gage and Chloe Jaco to…
S.1 EP.104

Promoting Gender Equity through Jail Design with Denver Sheriff Elias Diggins

How do we reframe, reform, and rethink gender in the criminal justice environment? Hosts Eli Gage and April Pottorff sit down with Denver City and County Sheriff Elias Diggins to discuss Diggins’ progressive stance confronting the gender inequality currently driving environmental design and operations within the criminal justice industry. Diggins…