What is CGL Reach?

CGL Reach is a program that celebrates our employees’ dedication to bettering their communities. By volunteering their time and donating valuable resources,  our people are able to reach communities and local organizations in need.

Our Mission

Giving back to the communities in which we live and work.

Non-profits Non-profits
Animal Shelters Animal Shelters
Donation Centers Donation Centers
Children's Resources Children's Resources
Environmental Betterment Environmental Betterment
Hospital Programs Hospital Programs

Who We Support

Our staff has a variety of passions and organizations they support, and therefore so does CGL Reach!

Our efforts support various types of non-profit and charitable organizations, such as those focused on providing food and shelter for the homeless, promoting education and literacy, protecting the environment, advancing healthcare and medical research, supporting animal welfare, empowering marginalized communities, and advocating for human rights and social justice.

"I love that CGL Reach supports my passion to give back to organizations in need."
Kay Dewey
SVP of Marketing, CGL
"CGL Reach shows that CGL is really dedicated to our core values of Doing the Right Thing, Making It Better, and Caring About People. Thanks to their Volunteer PTO program, I’m able to spend dedicated time giving back to causes that are important to me and my family."
Elena Difiore
VP, Marketing and Communications, CGL