Our Expertise

Holistic solutions that help you solve complex challenges head-on.

In today’s ever-changing environment, justice agencies are faced with overwhelming responsibility. Deciding where to allocate time and resources can seem impossible, especially with budgetary limitations, economic and public policy gridlock, and a host of other external pressures.

At CGL, we understand how court systems operate. Our team of judicial leaders includes former court operators and administrators who have been in your shoes and know the realities you face because they have faced them, too. This first-hand experience forms the foundation of our justice consulting expertise and helps you address operational challenges through effective management studies, organizational assessments, and performance reviews.

Analysis of your operations positions you to solve complex challenges head-on, effectively allocate resources, and operate according to legal standards and professional best practices. CGL’s holistic approach helps you achieve your operational and system management goals. And our comprehensive array of services helps you achieve unique benefits.

Our Benefits

  • Optimized court performance
  • Staffing analysis and human resource studies
  • Unbiased assessment of operations and management practices
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Reduced liability and risk
  • Cost savings and maximized ROI on resources
  • Best value for taxpayer dollars
  • Road map for justice systems compliance and success
  • Uncovering and solving systemic issues

Services Provided

  • Assessment and evaluation of administrative services and functions
  • Evaluation and modification of jury summons and qualification procedures
  • Facilities assessments and evaluations
  • IT assessments and needs
  • Management and performance reviews
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Litigation mediation
  • Public engagement & facilitation
  • Assessment of case management processes and procedures, including operational rules
  • Overall court operational assessments
  • Assessments of records department procedures
  • Security assessments
  • Organizational and operational assessments
  • Facility risk and needs assessments
  • Strategic planning
  • Justice system master planning
  • Public policy research
  • Development of continuity of operations plans (COOP) and disaster recovery plans


By the Numbers

The detailed work tasks provided within each service are tailored for each client, depending on the desired objectives, on a project-by-project basis.

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Backed by a high repeat client rate, we hear time and time again our recommendations are working, while our holistic offerings open the door to a 360° approach to justice services solutions.

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