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Our Expertise

CGL was commissioned by Fulton County to conduct a staffing study for the Sheriff’s Office to provide an independent assessment that forms the basis of a long‐term staffing plan encompassing future growth, development, and sustainability as it relates to the terms and conditions of the Consent Decree. Fulton County entered into the Consent Decree in December 2005; however, between the times CGL was contracted for this project and the initiation of work, the Consent Decree was lifted. As the staffing requirements had been in place for nearly 10 years, it was agreed that CGL would approach this study under the staffing requirements of the Consent Decree.

Areas of the staffing study included:

  • Document reviews
  • On‐site analyses
  • Post‐evaluation criteria and inspections
  • Interviews with line and supervisory staff
  • Development of a tailored Relief Factor based on actual leave documents and logs

Completion Date: December 2015

Project Details

Atlanta, GA
Fulton County, GA