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Our Expertise

For more than three decades CGL has served as a trusted partner assisting the District of Columbia Department of Corrections meet the ever-changing needs of incarcerated residents. Over thirty years ago, CGL assisted the DOC in development of the overall operational and architectural program for the Correctional Treatment Facility (CTC). This mission changed abruptly when the CTF was leased for twenty years to a private operator. Now the opportunity is available to examine the best use of this facility once again within the correctional system.

CGL is serving as the architectural program consultant for the new Correctional Treatment Facility (CTF) annex at the DC jail. The jail annex will be an integral addition to the existing correctional facilities and will offer the intensive treatment and programming services originally intended for the CTF.

CGL will lead the District through the new annex programming, pre-design and design phase efforts. CGL works in collaboration with both Washington DOC and DGS to deliver a state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility.

Project Details

Washington, D.C.
District of Columbia Department of Corrections
510,000 SF