Evaluating Transitional Success with CLA Executive Director Kevin Kempf

The duties and expectations of a new DOC director can be overwhelming, even for highly qualified candidates. “Once correctional directors and leaders join the Correctional Leaders Association, they are empowered with information, able to confidently make changes, and can more easily adapt to unprecedented obstacles,” says Kevin Kempf, Executive Director of the Correctional Leaders Association. Together with hosts Eli Gage and Ken McGinnis, Kevin discusses CLA’s successes and struggles, its importance as a resource for new directors, and how it enables its leadership and members to stay as informed and engaged as possible.

In this episode, we explore:

  • The immediate and long-term benefits of Correctional Leaders Association membership and participation
  • The extensive screening and vetting process for directors in consideration, and what directors can expect once appointed
  • Tools and techniques for effective planned or unprecedented transition
  • The importance of having independent evaluations during the first 90 days of your term, which will help you identify a baseline of issues and establish solutions

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New Corrections Directors Guide to a Successful Transition in Corrections:

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