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The County of Sacramento selected CGL to assist the County in conducting a performance review of the operation of the County’s criminal justice system and to develop long-range strategies to meet the County’s adult correctional needs.

Sacramento County’s adult corrections system includes two jails operated by the Sheriff’s Department with a total rated capacity of 4,125 beds and a Probation Department with 341 Probation Officers that supervises over 12,000 offenders in the community. The Probation Department also operates three Adult Day Reporting Centers focused primarily on providing evidence-based services designed to reduce recidivism rates for more serious offenders.

The project included an assessment of the merits of existing and potential alternatives to incarceration and an exploration of the impacts of changes in criminal justice policies, practices, and programs on present and future correctional needs, both in custody and in the community. Key elements of the project included analysis of justice system characteristics and conditions, development of a profile of the offender population, mapping of current justice system processes, assessment of programs and operations, analysis of current and future needs, and development of recommendations for future justice system development.

Project Details

Sacramento, CA
Sacramento County, CA
4,125 Beds