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Our Expertise

Benton County Board of Commissioners commissioned CGL to conduct a comprehensive review of the County criminal justice system. The objective of the review was a full investigation of all aspects of the system to provide a complete assessment of local issues, needs, and priorities. Key elements of the review included:

  • Documentation of the use of current justice systems programs and facilities
  • Analysis of justice system characteristics and conditions
  • Mapping of current justice system processes
  • Profile of the offender population
  • Projection of future service level demands
  • Assessment of facility conditions and suitability for purpose used
  • Assessment of program and facility use strategy
  • Community engagement
  • Recommendations for future justice system development

The project team employed a multi-faceted approach in support of this analysis that relied on quantitative and qualitative data, as well as the latest available research on justice system programs. The team requested a large amount of data from the County in order to document programs, operations, and policies of the different components of the justice system, as well as characteristics of the offender population. The project also examined available performance and activity measure data, planning documents, management reports, and other documentation of justice system processes.

Project Details

Corvallis, OR
Benton County, OR
$71.1 Million
133 Beds