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Our Expertise

CGL was contracted to develop a 25-year facilities master plan and feasibility study for the Rhode Island Department of Corrections (RIDOC). The goal of this project was to develop a road map for RIDOC’s physical plant that would allow it to more effectively modernize its operation consistent with system goals. As part of this work, CGL conducted an existing conditions assessment, identified system needs, developed individual building studies, and prepared a master plan for the future. The master plan developed was completed through rigorous collaboration with RIDOC and the State of Rhode Island.

The intent of the Preferred Master Plan is to provide a road map for RIDOC facility improvements for the next 25 years that updates facilities in a manner that allows them to implement modern correctional practices in an effective manner.

This plan offers RIDOC’s preferred renovation or replacement option for each of the major facilities/components in the system. Additionally, a schedule of the design and construction of these options to meet RIDOC’s priorities and to phase the projects so that State capital expenditures are regulated over the next 25 years.

The master plan identified eight preferred master plan options through the year 2040. These include:

  • Consolidated high/maximum security with medical mental health unit
  • New minimum security facility
  • Intake services center renovation/replacement
  • Women’s facility program expansion
  • Consolidated administration/ support buildings

Project Details

Cranston, Rhode Island
Rhode Island Department of Corrections
$669.4 Million
1.9 Million SF