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Our Expertise

CGL was contracted to develop facilities master plan for the Illinois Department of Correction (IDOC). The goal of this project was to prioritize and identify IDOC’s physical plant needs that would allow it to more effectively meet its mission, goals and desired operating practices in an efficient manner.

As part of this work the CGL team conducted a detailed physical plant condition assessment at each of its 27 facilities as well as an operational assessment to identify how well the existing facility design and layout supported its operating mission and practices. A review of existing deferred maintenance needs were assessed as well as the specific needs at each facility.

Out of this review CGL developed, in collaboration with IDOC, a prioritized road map of physical plant needs/upgrades that would improve the agencies performance and allow it to better meet its goals.

Project Details

Illinois Department of Corrections
11 Million SF
39,000 Beds
27 Facilities