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Our Expertise

Plumas County has partnered with CGL to conduct a thorough needs assessment of its adult detention system. This review aimed to explore all viable options for expanding the existing county facility under the provisions of California Senate Bill 844 (SB). CGL evaluated the county’s detention system to identify the key areas that required attention. Based on the findings, CGL developed a detailed response to the County’s SB 844 funding application, outlining a plan for the expansion of the facility.

With CGL’s guidance, Plumas County successfully secured $25 million in funding through the SB 844 process. This funding allowed the County to move forward with the expansion project and implement the proposed improvements to its detention system. CGL’s team also developed a concept plan for a 60-bed jail, including two non-rated medical treatment rooms and an attached Day Reporting Center. This innovative design will enable the county to continue expanding its pre-trial release programs, providing detainees with the necessary support and resources to successfully reenter society.

As the owner’s representative, CGL is responsible for advising, educating, and guiding the County throughout the life of the project. This includes advocating on their behalf during all project phases, from initial project establishment to completion. CGL’s team will work closely with the County to provide regular updates on the project’s progress, manage project risks and issues, and ensure that the project stays within budget and on schedule.

Project Details

Quincy, CA
Plumas County, CA
$23 Million
31,000 SF