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Our Expertise

Since 2013, CGL has worked with the Merced County Sheriff’s Office to deliver planning, criteria architecture, and owner’s representative services for the new John Latorocca Correctional Center remodel, a 256-bed jail replacement facility, and the Sheriff’s Administration Building at Castle Air Force Base.

CGL was first selected to develop a needs assessment for Merced County to explore options for the expansion of the existing John Latorraca Correctional Center (JLCC). After the identification of needs and development of a master plan, CGL assisted the County successfully navigate the California SB 863 funding process. The County retained CGL as the owner’s representative, criteria architect and construction manager for renovations and expansion of the existing JLCC.

The new and remodeled spaces will enable the much-needed separation between classifications, allowing those with similar security and program needs to be housed and receive programming and treatment together. This creates a safer environment for all classifications and allows offenders to receive the type of programming and treatment needed during their incarceration.

In 2016, CGL worked closely with Merced County to develop a needs assessment, adjacencies, conceptual design and construction cost estimates for the jail remodel, expansion and replacement and the Sheriff’s Administration building. The 256-bed jail facility will be adjacent to the existing facility. The 32,864 SF Sheriff’s Administration building will include space for five main departments along with multipurpose rooms, a fitness center, a forensics work room, evidence processing, and an armory.

Project Details

Merced County, CA
Merced County, CA
$150 Million
207,000 SF - Multiple Buildings