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Our Expertise

As part of The Moss Group, CGL conducted a thorough evaluation to identify potential
improvements for the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility (EMCF). The analysis included a two-day on-site examination of current conditions, which led to the identification of numerous areas for improvement in confinement standards. Throughout the assessment process, a Federal Monitor was appointed to the EMCF to oversee and ensure compliance with operational protocols, addressing various discrepancies.

After conducting the assessment, CGL presented a detailed report including recommendations to the Commissioner and the Senior Leadership Team at the EMCF. The presentation of insights and suggestions led to significant discussions, ultimately resulting in the Department of Corrections forging a broader partnership with CGL.
Following the assessment and recommendations, CGL was engaged to evaluate two existing DOC facilities as potential replacements for EMCF. The Midstate Correctional Facility emerged as a candidate for consideration, but as a former military prison, was determined to be unsuitable for accommodating women.

Project Details

Clinton, NJ
New Jersey Department of Corrections
The Moss Group