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Our Expertise

The Utah Department of Corrections contracted CGL, as part of the GSBS and HOK team, as the Master Architect for the Utah State Prison Relocation. CGL provided master planning, programming and operations planning services.

The new Utah State Correctional Facility replaced an antiquated and costly prison and has become a critical component for implementing criminal justice reforms the Legislature approved during the 2015 General Session.

Following years of study and public review, the Utah Legislature in 2015 voted to move forward with relocation of the Utah State Prison in Draper because it was becoming prohibitively more expensive to repair and operate. It was estimated that, to perform the maintenance and repairs required at the Prison to operate at current standards over the next 20 years with no modernization, would be more than $239 million.

This new correctional facility allows the state to more fully implement significant criminal justice reforms, which were recently passed by the Legislature. These reforms are designed to help slow the growth in the number of offenders being incarcerated and reduce recidivism, both of which will help limit the number of new prison beds that will be needed in the future. The new facility now provides adequate space for treatment and rehabilitation services and is now configured to achieve the best outcomes for inmates and society.

Project Details

Draper, Utah
Utah Department of Corrections
$880 Million
1.3 Million SF
3,600 Beds