Our Expertise

CGL provides comprehensive facility maintenance services in 27 facilities for the
Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ). CGL tailors its services specifically to the
needs of the statewide agency responsible for youth in custody.

Our staff assists the DJJ by providing repair and replacement cost estimates, performing
installations, providing start-up services for replacement equipment, securing subcontractors, and monitoring subcontractor performance. In some cases, CGL functions as the project manager for special maintenance and construction projects. CGL is a supplemental resource to DJJ’s local and central engineering staff, providing support from Planning, Design, and Project Management.

CGL’s 87 full-time program employees function as both an on-site and mobile work force, performing more than 90,000 manhours annually. CGL’s skilled technicians are responsible for maintaining HVAC equipment, chillers, boilers, security electronics and locking controls for doors and gates, CCTV, paging and intercom systems, electrical systems, emergency generators, plumbing systems, laundry and kitchen equipment, and fire alarm systems.

CGL organizes the facility maintenance program into four management regions. Our regional management system segments geographically similar facilities to effectively staff regions while limiting operational costs. Regional Maintenance Engineers (RMEs) are responsible for service delivery in at least seven facilities, but can be responsible for up to 18 facilities. Facility Managers at each individual facility oversee day-today operations and service delivery. CGL’s corporate management provides contract management, executive oversight, and accounting, HR, and IT support, and acts as the DJJ’s single point of contact for the entire contract.

Project Details

State of Georgia
Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice
1,727,299 SF
2,169 Beds
142 Buildings