Our Expertise

CGL provides comprehensive preventive and corrective maintenance services for the Georgia Department of Behavior Health Development and Disability (DBHDD) at six sites across the state. Each campus provides quality care to mentally ill adults and individuals living with developmental disabilities.

CGL began working with the DBHDD in 2016 to improve overall facility condition and extend the life of the buildings. The replacement cost of the existing facilities would be more than $850 million, and CGL’s role is to protect Georgia’s significant investment in its mental health facilities. CGL helps DBHDD avoid deferred maintenance and improve the operational quality throughout the hospital system.

During CGL’s contact startup period, Hurricane Matthew hit one of DBHDD’s hospitals. CGL had not yet placed permanent staff on-site; however, CGL’s immediate response was instrumental in reopening the facility. CGL provided subcontractors to remove water from buildings and replace carpet. CGL also provided a landscaping contractor to remove several fallen trees and grind stumps, and contractors to replace roofing material on some buildings. DBHDD and CGL worked closely as partners to reopen the facility quickly.

CGL currently employs 20 technicians across the system to self-perform maintenance on the building envelopes and structures, facility property, emergency generators, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), fire alarms, fire sprinkler and fire suppression, electrical systems and lighting, central utility plant systems, security systems, plumbing and sewer, kitchen equipment, and laundry equipment.

Facility managers at each individual facility provide management over day-to-day operations and service delivery. CGL’s corporate management provides contract management, executive oversight, accounting, HR, and IT support, and acts as the single point of contact for the duration of the entire contract.

Project Details

State of Georgia
Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities
6 Facilities
2,136,065 SF
1,170 Beds
112 Buildings