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Through the State of Georgia Contract number 99999-001-SPD0000154-0001 (SWC) for facility maintenance services, CGL provides comprehensive facility maintenance services for six State of Georgia agencies and five Georgia county agencies. The facilities in the contract total more than 8 million SF, include more than 200 buildings, and are spread across every region of the State.

This contract, signed in June 2009 and rebid in 2018, allows qualifying Georgia counties and municipalities the option to participate in the program along with the State agencies. This brings numerous benefits to participating localities:

  • A single on-site point of contact for all building maintenance needs.
  • Predictable maintenance costs.
  • Less expensive cost per work order, by focusing on prevention
  • Extended equipment and building life
  • Increased Service Level
  • Increased confidence through Improved Building Reliability

CGL provides service without sacrificing quality or function and without an added tax burden. CGL protects government facility investments without increasing the budgets or sacrificing quality.

CGL’s Statewide Contracted Facility Maintenance program provides an auditable preventive maintenance program that delivers lower energy costs, extended life of equipment, replacement cost avoidance, and improved building reliability. CGL’s focus on prevention lower repair or corrective maintenance costs and reduced or eliminates deferred maintenance.

State Agencies Participating in Statewide Contract 99999-001-SPD0000154-0001 (SWC):

  • Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Georgia Tech Student Housing
  • Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities
  • Georgia Department of Family and Children Services
  • Georgia Technology Authority
  • Georgia Road and Toll Authority

County Agencies Participating in Statewide Contract 99999-001-SPD0000154-0001 (SWC):

  • Dekalb County Jail
  • Clayton County Justice Center and Juvenile Court
  • Clayton County Pools
  • Forsyth County Jail & Courthouse
  • Fulton Animal Control

CGL’s Statewide Facility Maintenance Contract also has defined goals and budgets, allowing for normalized maintenance funding. By working closely with statewide contract clients, we provide skilled and quality staffing, eliminate the need for travel and truck costs, and lower overall maintenance and utility costs.

Our accountability to client budgets means we can establish accurate benchmarks for maintenance costs, audit the building investment, accurately monitor building condition, maintain warranty conditions to avoid unnecessary repairs, help improve client budgeting year over year, and increase overall craft effectiveness through efficient labor utilization.

Project Details

Georgia Department of Administrative Services
8,262,430 SF
233 buildings

CGL’s Statewide Facility Maintenance Contract also has defined goals and budgets, allowing for normalized maintenance funding.

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