Outlining the Road to Recovery: How to Apply for the New COVID-19 Relief Funding with NACo’s Eryn Hurley

Among a myriad of challenges state and local governments faced during COVID-19, the appropriation of funding for our nation’s counties was a question without a clear answer. The CARES Act and its Coronavirus Relief Fund carried narrow restrictions that made navigation and compliance a frustrating endeavor for hundreds of counties around the country.

The new, flexible American Rescue Plan (ARP) and its Coronavirus State and Local Recovery Fund promise to give some relief to counties who struggled to comply or otherwise did not meet eligibility under the CARES Act. On this episode of 360 Justice, hosts Eli Gage and Karl Becker sit down with Eryn Hurley, Associate Legislative Director of Tax/Finance and Intergovernmental Affairs for the National Association of Counties (NACo), to answer some of the most pressing questions about county funding in the aftermath of COVID-19.

In this episode, we explore:

  • A layman’s overview of the CARES Act, the new American Rescue Plan, and their individual recovery plans
  • How the National Association of Counties (NACo), a bi-partisan organization that represents all the nation’s counties, can help your county get the long-term relief it needs
  • How to receive and ensure compliance under the flexible Coronavirus State and Local Recovery Fund as part of the American Rescue Plan
  • Trends in how counties are choosing to spend their funding regarding infrastructure, payrolls, and social safety nets

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