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The project goal is to prepare a 20-year space utilization study for Pasco County government agencies provided space by the County based on a sound forecast methodology and space standards. To achieve this goal, the following objectives are incorporated:

  1. Retain the history and character of Pasco County
  2. Address all known and existing deficiencies
  3. Improve quality of space for staff and public
  4. Ensure equity in space for functions based on standards
  5. Locate functions to foster communication and provide public services
  6. Maximize use of owned facilities and sites
  7. Develop a phased implementation plan
  8. Incorporate with the County’s long-range planning efforts

The plan is to support the Pasco County 2013-17 Strategic Plan and vision as “Florida’s Premier County” by helping to achieve the four strategic objectives: create a thriving community; enhance quality of life; stimulate economic growth; and improve organizational growth.

The “Improving Organizational Performance” goal is the link at the center that impacts quality of life, economic growth and a thriving community. The primary objective of this goal is to “Provide the processes, procedures, and necessary resources(physical, human, and financial) to efficiently and effectively deliver services in a culture of continual improvement”. The Pasco County Facilities Master Plan is specifically intended to address the physical resources that are required to effectively carry out the County’s vision of being a Premier County

Project Details

Pasco County, FL
Pasco County, FL
$589 Million
15 departments
129 Facilities
Moss and Associates