Data-Informed Justice with Secretary John Wetzel

How can state agencies use data to drive systemic change? Host Eli Gage and colleague Tony Turpin sit down with John Wetzel, Secretary of Corrections for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, to discuss Wetzel’s progressive reformation stance that confronts the disparities currently leading a percentage of his community to incarceration. Wetzel explains how a shift in focus can initiate an increase in overall inmate compliance, reformation, and greater preparation for future needs. Wetzel also explores his time as a former warden of Franklin County Jail and how his county was able to reduce operating costs by establishing an effective preventive maintenance program.

In this episode, we explore:

  • How the PA Dept. of Correction’s previous experience with influenza outbreaks influenced their early, aggressive, and data-driven stance toward mitigating COVID-19
  • The gears that drove Wetzel’s mission to redefine operational capacity and overall inmate reduction
  • The collaboration between state and federal agencies to ensure former inmates were well-equipped for re-entry into society
  • How establishing a preventive maintenance program has extended the life of Franklin County’s aging facilities by 25-30%

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