We developed these recommendations from our considerable experience both as former jail and correctional administrators, who have faced these issues, and as correctional consultants, who have assisted sheriffs, jail administrators and prison directors since 1974.

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Successful Transition to Jail Operations


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Meet the Authors

5595Successful Transition to Jail Operations

William Lawhorn

Vice President

William is a highly experienced corrections executive with a proven ability of leading corrections professionals in three separate organizations among two states through an ever changing industry. William has strong technical and operational qualifications with an impressive track record of 30 years of hands-on experience in correctional administration and management, security operations, policy development, long-term planning and implementation, design and construction, project management, emergency planning and management, and investigation techniques.

409Successful Transition to Jail Operations

Joe Lee

Chief Operating Officer

Joe’s unique understanding of justice facility operations, combined with his in-depth knowledge of justice building engineering, inspired him to give more attention to the long-term maintenance requirements of the facility. He developed the first contracted maintenance delivery system specifically designed for implementation in justice facilities. Joe’s maintenance system ensures security, prolongs the life of significant capital expenditures and lowers the operating and energy costs of the maintained facility. His system of incorporating maintenance and energy efficiencies into the planning and...