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CGL took over the facility maintenance in DeKalb County in 2015. Within weeks of the contract signing, the team had an office set up in the jail, with a staff of maintenance technicians working with the County’s jail staff.

CGL first took on CMMS implementation in order to ensure continued service to the jail. CGL needed to replace the CMMS of the replaced facility maintenance contractor. CGL inventoried the facility, entered the data into the CMMS, and taught DeKalb County staff how to use the new CMMS.

CGL placed personnel in the jail immediately to properly implement the maintenance system. CGL technicians inspected and bar code tagged 989 individual assets as well as major system components, such as cell locks. This inventory of the jail verified and improved upon the existing CMMS data, and provided a basis for ongoing equipment history upkeep.

CMMS data technicians took the collected data and populated the new CMMS. The gathered information provided the facility maintenance team with recommended preventive maintenance schedules and a system for issuing and tracking all maintenance tasks. The thorough data entry process ensured that all the building information was in place so maintenance technicians could improve the jail’s maintenance condition.

CGL has 16 employees on-site at the jail to ensure constant operations. CGL’s technicians work on three shifts, 24-hours a day to keep all aspects of the jail functional. CGL’s on-site staff includes electricians, locksmiths, HVAC mechanics, plumbers, and electronics security specialists.

CGL provides preventive maintenance and repair services; CMMS implementation and utilization; development of policies and procedures; development of building operations manual; vandalism control; warranty follow-up; oversight of all related subcontractors; management of inmate labor related to maintenance projects, and more.

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Project Details

Decatur, GA
DeKalb County, GA
960,000 SF
1,947 Beds