Joe Lee and Greg Westbrook talk with Corrections Forum Editor in Chief Donna Rogers about the operational struggles facing today’s justice facilities and the importance of a holistic approach to maintenance and operations. Check it out below:


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Meet the Authors

409Life Savers: Optimizing Facility Equipment & Operations

Joe Lee

Chief Operating Officer

Joe’s unique understanding of justice facility operations, combined with his in-depth knowledge of justice building engineering, inspired him to give more attention to the long-term maintenance requirements of the facility. He developed the first contracted maintenance delivery system specifically designed for implementation in justice facilities. Joe’s maintenance system ensures security, prolongs the life of significant capital expenditures and lowers the operating and energy costs of the maintained facility. His system of incorporating maintenance and energy efficiencies into the planning and...

405Life Savers: Optimizing Facility Equipment & Operations

Gregory Westbrook

President, Facility Management

With nearly 30 years of seasoned experience in facilities operations, Greg brings a wealth of expertise to his projects. His background in operations and maintenance, specifically in complex engineering environments, allows him to effectively enhance building performance and increase productivity while minimizing costs. Throughout his career, Greg has been responsible for delivering comprehensive facility services, including maintenance, utilities, infrastructure, process systems, roads and grounds, office services, janitorial and construction projects. Since 2011, he has honed his focus on providing services...