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The facility consists of two clusters of four living units, and a third cluster of two living units grouped with a segregation unit, a special handling unit and a health care area. Females are included in the third housing pod with an 18-cell living unit. An interim housing unit for 15 inmates is co-located with the Admissions and Discharge component for prisoners needing short-term custodial accommodation. Additional supporting components consist of Admitting and Discharge, Programs, Food Services, Health Services, Segregation, Reception and Visits, Laundry, Security and Central Control, Staff Services, and Administration.


  • 2017 American Institute of Architects’ Justice Facilities Review
  • 2015 Silver Community Involvement Award, CCPPP
  • LEED Gold

Project Details

Oliver, BC
Province of British Columbia
$185 Million
315,738 SF
378 Bed Expansion
IBI Group Architects