In the March/April 2018 issue of Correctional News Magazine, justice facility maintenance expert Joe Lee addresses the aging infrastructure crisis currently facing America’s prisons.

With the crisis at an all time high, we may be on the brink of the next building boom as many states are being forced to replace their older prisons. It’s important we get it right this time, and that means changing our approach, explains Joe.

Check out “America’s Prisons: the Aging Infrastructure Crisis” to learn about the factors that led us to this point and what needs to change going forward.

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Meet the Author

409America’s Prisons: The Aging Infrastructure Crisis

Joe Lee

Chief Operating Officer

Joe’s unique understanding of justice facility operations, combined with his in-depth knowledge of justice building engineering, inspired him to give more attention to the long-term maintenance requirements of the facility. He developed the first contracted maintenance delivery system specifically designed for implementation in justice facilities. Joe’s maintenance system ensures security, prolongs the life of significant capital expenditures and lowers the operating and energy costs of the maintained facility. His system of incorporating maintenance and energy efficiencies into the planning and...