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A Deep Dive into Visioning Sessions with Chloe Jaco


Welcome to the “Visioning Session Deep Dive”! In this video, we hear from  Chloe Jaco, an expert justice planner who has years of experience leading impactful and effective visioning sessions. Visioning sessions are critical in setting the tone for any organization or facility’s future, and it is crucial to have a skilled facilitator to guide the process. In this session, Chloe shares her best practices and lessons learned over the years, providing a deep dive into the world of visioning sessions. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or new to the process, Chloe provides valuable insights and knowledge that you can apply to your own sessions.


This video is Part 2 of our series on Visioning Sessions. Make sure to check out Part 1: The Power of Visioning Sessions in Criminal Justice Planning: Insights from an Expert




Chloe Jaco, AICP, LEED AP 

As CGL’s Director of Planning, Chloe specializes in criminal justice system and government facilities master planning. Her experience with complex government planning projects highlights her capability to organize existing information across numerous departments, prioritize future direction, and build consensus amongst decision-makers to gain implementation (no small task!). Chloe manages all resources on each project assignment to ensure that the deliverables meet expectations, providing clear communication with clients and teammates along the way to ensure that the final product reflects obtainable and realistic solutions that make an impact. 

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