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The Virginia Community College System’s Statewide Procurement Agreement gives each campus an opportunity to improve the quality of its Facility Department services for better cost management and a superior student experience.

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What is the VCCS Statewide Procurement Agreement?

The VCCS Statewide Procurement Agreement (VCCS-ALL-19-0034-CGL) makes quality outsourced maintenance services available to each college at pre-negotiated rates. By utilizing a standardized platform, CGL and VCCS are able to address the ongoing maintenance needs of each of Virginia’s 23 community colleges while providing 24/7 access to professional, on-site maintenance staff.

The VCCS Statewide Procurement Agreement Supports You and Your Team


The VCCS Statewide Procurement Agreement provides you with the resources you need to increase efficiency and success. The contract acts as an extension of your team by providing additional resources, guidance, and education that meet your needs. This is a dedicated effort to boost your team, your facility, and your success, providing a safe environment for students that attend your colleges.

As a Participating College, You Will Benefit From:


A local team of skilled technicians


Customized facility solutions


24/7 response to maintenance issues within each facility to protect life, safety, and operations


Access to a Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that provides the ability to predict, define, and track repairs


Reduced rates of equipment failures and facility operational downtime


Improved facility life and operational performance

What’s Included

The contract is available for all types and use of facilities or properties. The available scope of work is designed to cover all areas of Plant Operations and Maintenance, including:

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • General Maintenance
  • Repair & Emergency Response
  • CMMS Implementation
  • Energy Management
  • Project Management
  • Motor Pool
  • Mail Room
  • Warehouse Support
  • Conference Services
  • Housekeeping
  • Landscaping

How to Sign Up

VCCS-ALL-19-0034-CGL is available for use by all community colleges within the state of Virginia effective December 1, 2020 – November 30, 2025. To learn more about the contract and how to sign up, call or email us today, and a representative from our team will reach out to you:

Frequently Asked Questions

CGL greatly values the institutional knowledge that existing staff offer to the provision of services. Our focus is to treat all impacted employees with respect and an opportunity to stay as a part of the institutions team as a CGL employee. We are professionals and we provide competitive wages, benefits, and training for our team members.

Each solution developed for an Institution is customized to the needs of their respective facilities. Based on these needs, desired scope and staffing, and condition of the facilities, the cost proposal will vary significantly. A CGL representative would be glad to discuss how the cost buildup is determined based the needs of your facilities.

CGL can help in assessing your facilities. While this contract is for non-professional services, we have subject matter experts in the fields of maintenance, custodial, landscaping, and other soft services that can evaluate your current circumstances and determine how this contract can work for you.

The short answer is “maybe”. Whether the contract could be utilized in this manner would be dependent on the scope and nature of the work. Please reach out to CGL and we can discuss the needs of your institution and see if we can support a solution.

Institutions are not required to utilize the full scope of the contract. It is designed to provide flexible solution development based on the needs of each institution.

CGL needs to understand the scope of work and equipment inside and outside of the facilities for which the institution desires CGL to perform maintenance. The contract is flexible enough to allow a variety of solutions from supplementing an existing workforce to CGL handling all labor, subcontractors, and materials required for the provision of all maintenance. Therefore, the desired scope defines the information CGL will need. Typical information needed would be the square footage of the facilities, equipment lists, copies of equipment records, and compliance reports (fire alarm, suppression, elevators, generators, etc.) for maintenance. Landscaping would be service level expectations for turf, beds, planting and pruning, etc. Custodial would need to understand service levels, common spaces, foot traffic, flooring types, etc. If this information is not available, CGL will work with the agency to obtain the information needed.

About CGL

CGL delivers a systemized and proven approach to comprehensively manage and maintain an entire building, protecting the significant investment in the building and its operations.

CGL’s approach considers the functional needs of the users, the technical needs of the building, the influence of the facility on the community’s social infrastructure, and the cost of operations. We keep facility equipment and systems in optimum condition, improving performance, guaranteeing a better functioning building, and lowering the long-term Total Cost of Ownership.

Additionally, CGL clients are supported by a robust roster of facility experts. CGL provides consulting, planning, design, project management and facility maintenance all under one roof. CGL’s senior staff has more than 200 combined years of experience; and overall corporate experience spans 20 countries, all 50 states and more than 500 counties.