Tony Turpin

Turpin, Tony 2-17-17, 4x6x300 color

Former warden and recognized criminologist Tony Turpin knows firsthand what it takes to manage and operate a correctional facility. Tony began his career in 1980 with the Georgia Department of Corrections as an entry level correctional officer. Over the next 20 years, Tony rose through the ranks of Georgia’s correctional system, serving as Deputy Warden, Security Warden, Warden, and Superintendent for multiple facilities across the state spanning all levels of security classification. In 2002, Tony was promoted to Regional Director for all facilities in northern Georgia where he was responsible for supervising facility wardens to ensure policy and budgetary compliance. Tony was eventually named State Supervisor and Private Prison Manager by the Georgia DOC, where he successfully secured funding to replace many old and inefficient correctional facilities across the state in addition to supervising new prison construction and renovation of many county prisons.