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Our Expertise

Wayne County began building a new jail in 2011 to replace its outdated facilities. However, the project ran over budget and was halted in June 2013. Wayne County then sought consultants to analyze the existing construction and make recommendations regarding project restart, redesign or continuance. The consultant would serve as the Owner’s Representative and make recommendations regarding how the County should proceed with the project.

The consultant was responsible for assessing the halted construction, materials testing and inspection, design services (architectural and engineering), cost estimating, contract preparation, and overall project coordination.

CGL was originally hired to serve as Wayne County’s owner’s representative to make recommendations regarding the halted jail project. The project evolved, however, and became an entirely new justice center project to replace the county’s multiple jails and aging courthouses. CGL’s contract was extended to act as the County’s owner’s representative for the new project scope. CGL was instrumental in the County’s decision-making process to move forward with an expanded development scope.

CGL works with Wayne County and the new Justice Center’s development team to ensure the County’s needs are met and that the developer delivers effective, multi-generational facilities. CGL’s program managers are responsible for managing multiple contracts, the master schedule, overall project budget and accounting, contracts, MWBE program compliance, design management, construction administration, coordination of owner scopes of work, FF&E, and transition and activation services.

Project Details

Detroit, Michigan
Wayne County, MI
$533 Million
1,030,847 SF
1,600 Beds