Our Expertise

CGL served as the owners representative, criteria architect and construction manager for renovations and the expansion of the Rountree Medium Security Facility, which includes a new model of sentenced housing, expanded programs, food service, laundry space, and upgraded perimeter security. The renovations re-purposed approximately 8,400 square feet of the existing minimum security building into program and support space. The new housing area now provides approximately 64 minimum security beds, dayroom, and storage space. Demolition of the old C Wing allowed construction for the new housing addition.

The project renovated the existing minimum security building into educational/vocational program area, interview/counseling room, group rooms, indoor recreation, administrative support space, officer workstations, video visitation stations, rest rooms, and laundry facility. The new visiting building now includes screening, visiting rooms and support space. The new administrative addition to the medium security building includes video visitation stations, waiting, secure cells, and administrative support space. Upgrades to the existing central control room located in the medium security building were conducted, a storage addition constructed, and a large freezer unit installed.

CGL developed a master plan and needs assessment for the expansion and renovation of the existing facility. CGL assisted the County with SB1022 planning efforts, to include grant writing, needs assessment updating, generating a phased community resource plan, revising space listings, and authoring an architectural program statement.

Project Details

Watsonville, CA
Santa Cruz County, CA
$47 Million
41,926 SF
64 Beds