Our Expertise

Since 2015, CGL has been providing the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) with a comprehensive maintenance program at the Baltimore City Jail. Building from that success, CGL added the Jessup Correctional Institution in 2020. The Baltimore City Jail is made up of 15 different buildings that can accommodate 3,684 inmates. Jessup has 144 separate buildings and has a capacity of 5,655 inmates.

CGL’s 47 skilled technicians provide professional service to the 159 buildings and equipment and perform special project management tasks as needed. CGL’s program also ensures the systems operate at peak energy efficiency. Our program for the prisons has improved the overall quality of the buildings and adds an additional 25- 30% to the life of the aging facility. CGL’s corporate management provides contract management, procurement, executive oversight, and accounting, HR, and IT support. CGL also manages the inmate labor work force used for prison maintenance. CGL’s managers use specialized techniques to find inmates to perform work, establishing systems to maintain facility security while inmates are on the job.

Project Details

State of Maryland
Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services
3,224,306 SF
9,339 Beds
159 Buildings