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Our Expertise

The facility program conducted by CGL defined a new juvenile courthouse, juvenile detention facility, parking garage, and community spaces on the existing Capitol Hill site. The purpose of the facility program was to verify the findings of existing programs and combine existing programs for the Children and Family Justice Center (CFJC), which served as the master document from which the performance based standards were developed.

The programming was the foundation of a process that began with a vision and guiding principles and concluded with a definition of the total cost to construct and operate the CFJC. The 136,993-square-foot courthouse component contained 13 major operational and functional components. The proposed 98,032-square-foot detention section included five major operational and functional components. The facility program and performance-based standards were used to inform the future designers, builders, and maintenance staff on how the CFJC should look, perform, and be sustained within the community.

Completion Date: 2013



Project Details

Seattle, WA
King County, WA
$242 Million
347,000 SF
10 Courtrooms
112 Beds
KMD Architects