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The proposed new Courthouse will support Johnson County judicial needs for the next 75 years. The project is utilizing the Design/Build project delivery method with a Design Criteria Pack outlining project requirements for the Design/Build procurement.

In October 2004, CGL was awarded the Downtown Olathe Facilities and County Courthouse Study and program. In April 2017, Johnson County contracted with CGL to be the Design Criteria Package Professional (DCPP) tasked with creating the Design Criteria Package that support project goals, time-line, standards, performance, function, budget and closeout deliverables. CGL prepared the design criteria, performance specifications and other project specific materials to provide the basis for competitive procurement of a Design/Build team.

The two phase process began with program verification and development for all departments and building components and moved through site master planning and operational analysis to inform the criteria development used in the design/build procurement. The second phase is coordinating with the County and the owner’s representative to insure criteria compliance throughout the design, construction and post-occupancy phases.

In April 2017, Johnson County contracted with CGL and NGZ to begin development of the new courthouse. NGZ was contracted to serve as the Owner’s Representative and CGL was contracted to serve as the Design Criteria Package Professional. CGL was also tasked to prepare the detailed operational planning and architectural programming of the project in conjunction with Johnson County Facilities Department.

Previously, in 2004, CGL had worked with Johnson County by preparing the Downtown Olathe Facilities and County Courthouse Study that defined the overall need for a new courthouse and modifications to other county facilities necessary as background for their long-term facility masterplan.

Johnson County, CGL, and NGZ set the project goals, budget timeline, and function and performance standards. The two firms work in tandem to manage the project deliverables and controls to hold the progressive design-build project team (JE Dunn, Fentress, and Treanor HL) accountable to the County.


  • 2021 –  Best Project Award, ENR Midwest Best Projects.
  • 2021 –  Award of Excellence, 2021 AGC of Kansas Awards

Project Details

Olathe, KS
Johnson County, KS
$193 Million
356,821 SF

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Dan Wehmueller
"CGL Companies is an irreplaceable component of our core project team and I would recommend them to any owner looking for a partner of the highest quality. Our leadership wanted nothing short of a once in a generation, first-class facility that met every current and foreseeable need for the County. CGL Companies rose to the challenge and has made those goals attainable."
Dan Wehmueller