Our Expertise

CGL was selected to develop a needs assessment for Merced County (County) to explore options for the expansion of the existing John Latorraca Correctional Center (JLCC). The purpose of the assessment is to forecast the population of County inmates and the resulting capacity requirements of the County’s correctional facilities over a 20-year period, in five-year increments, to determine future space, security enhancements, operational requirements, and programming classes for all security levels in an effort to plan for decades of growth.

The assessment considers both the facility and operational aspects of jail capacity requirements planning and will be used to identify strengths, weakness, threats, and opportunities that will provide information on future developments and operational needs. Additionally, the assessment focuses on required spaces to assist the County in dealing with the influx of inmates since Assembly Bill 109 realignment and the need for program and health care space.

CGL assisted the County in responding to the SB 863 funding process in the State of California that allotted $40 million for medium sized counties such as Merced to use as a replacement of the county jail, to expand programs and services, and increase medical care. The County was successful in receiving $40 million from the SB 863 process that will expand and remodel the jail. CGL was retained as the Criteria Architect as well as the Owner’s Representative/PM through construction.

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Merced County, CA
Merced County, CA
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