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Our Expertise

CGL was originally commissioned by Franklin County, Pennsylvania in 2001 to explore historical and current features of Franklin County that may affect the jail population, build several models based on these features, and project future prison population and crowding. Once these were identified, CGL experts provided short-term solutions for the County to consider.

Next, the Operational and Pre-Architectural Program re-examined, updated and validated the prison population forecasts, and disaggregated the projections into the various classification categories. Additionally, the study utilized the projections as a basis to develop a space and operational pre-architectural program from which conceptual design options were developed along with operational and capital cost projections for the options.

CGL contracted with Franklin County again in 2003 to provide Pre-Project Management tasks and was further retained as the County’s Program Manager to oversee the architecture and construction of the county’s new jail.

Beyond the Jail: Countywide Maintenance Solutions

In 2006, Franklin County hired CGL to help lower the long-term operating costs of its many facilities while also extending building life. CGL provides facility maintenance management and a skilled technical staff to protect Franklin County’s significant investment in specialized systems without increasing the county budget or sacrificing system quality.

CGL’s skilled technicians provide professional service to all county facilities and equipment and perform special project management tasks as needed. CGL’s program also ensures the county’s systems operate at peak energy efficiency. CGL’s program for Franklin County improves the quality of the county’s buildings and adds an additional 25-30% to the life of aging facilities.

Utilizing CGL’s trained professionals to supplement existing county staff, CGL manages and performs all preventive and reactive maintenance in all county properties, including the Franklin County Jail and the Franklin County Courthouse. At the jail, CGL is responsible for day-to-day operations and service delivery. The Manager reviews and issues work orders, develops work schedules, assigns work orders to technicians, manages procurement and inventories, develops and reviews budgets, and interacts daily with jail leadership. The Manager is a skilled technician and performs maintenance when necessary.

For other county facilities, including the courthouse, CGL provides maintenance program management by directing county-employed personnel and CGL technicians to service buildings throughout the county. CGL’s Program Manager is responsible for developing work schedules, assigning work orders, directing technicians, and for the performance of preventive maintenance.

Project Details

Chambersburg, PA
Franklin County, PA
547,290 SF