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Virginia Department of Corrections


The Virginia Department of Corrections expanded their prison system in early 2007, constructing the Green Rock Correctional Center (GRCC) in Chatham, VA. CGL helped the DOC overcome the maintenance challenges of the new facility because of its relatively remote location. For more than 10 years, CGL has successfully performed preventive and corrective maintenance on all standard facility operational and security equipment and systems at GRCC.

Based on CGL’s successful work at GRCC, CGL began providing the same set of maintenance services for the Virginia State Farm Complex in 2017. Made up of Powhatan Reception & Classification Center, Deep Meadow Correctional Center, and the James River Work Center, CGL has 16 people on-site to oversee and perform maintenance. In 2018, Sussex I & II prisons were added to the list of Virginia DOC facilities that CGL maintains.

CGL provides a unique array of services for Virginia, including all maintenance supervisors and technicians. CGL’s service roster includes HVAC systems, plumbing, electrical systems, electronic locking systems, fire protection, switchgear maintenance, highmast lighting, motor pool mechanics, paint & patch, carpentry, welding, and general facility maintenance services. CGL performs all preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance; responds to maintenance emergencies at any time of the day or night; and supports the budgeting and capital improvement needs of each prison’s staff. CGL also provides “on-call” planning, architectural, engineering, and project management services.

CGL manages the inmate labor work force used for prison maintenance. CGL’s senior staff has more than 30 years of experience managing facilities and maintenance in correctional environments and applies that knowledge to run an effective inmate work program. CGL’s managers use specific techniques to find inmates to perform work, establishing systems to maintain facility security while inmates are on the job. Using inmate labor reduces the cost of the maintenance program while the work quality stays the same.

In addition to the basic scope of services, CGL also manages the maintenance of farm equipment to service the 1,200-acre James River Work Center farm.



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