Las Colinas Women’s Detention & Reentry Facility


In 1999, San Diego County requested the services of CGL to develop a system-wide master plan for all of the Sheriff’s detention facilities. The most crucial need identified was the replacement of the late sixties era women detention facility. In 2002, the County requested that CGL prepare an architectural program to define in detail the spatial and staffing needs for a replacement facility for the existing Las Colinas Detention Facility (LCDF).

CGL was further retained by San Diego County to act in the role of Owner’s Representative. Prior to the hiring of the design-build team, CGL developed bridging documents for the proposed new 1,216-bed San Diego Women’s Detention Facility (SDCWDF) to orient design-build proposers to the design intent and operational and technical requirements for this project. These documents have been developed in conjunction with the County of San Diego Department of General Services and the Sheriff’s Department.

picture of Las Colinas entrywayAdditionally, CGL has represented the Owner for commissioning, security electronics and systems, selection of security and facility FF&E, and transition and facility activation. CGL created the criteria documents and performance specifications for the RFP released for the selection. As Owner’s Representative, CGL participated at every level of design-build selection and monitoring.