Hawaii Department of Public Safety


The Hawaii Department of Public Safety (PSD), the agency responsible for correctional facility administration in Hawaii, hired CGL to assess its facilities, develop a capital improvement plan, and install a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) in 2016.

CGL assessed 1,024,319 SF of space in nine facilities on five Hawaiian Islands. The facilities assessed were:

  • Halawa Correctional Facility: 328,151 SF
  • Hawaii Community Correctional Center: 36,200 SF
  • Hawaii Community Correctional Center Annex: 21,801 SF
  • Kauai Community Correctional Center: 33,184 SF
  • Kulani Correctional Facility: 108,410 SF
  • Maui Community Correctional Center: 81,335 SF
  • Oahu Community Correctional Center: 210,186 SF
  • Waiawa Correctional Facility: 128,052 SF
  • Women’s Community Correctional Center: 77,000 SF

As part of the assessment, CGL cataloged and bar code tagged more than 22,000 pieces of equipment in the PSD portfolio. CGL then entered all asset information into the CMMS database so state maintenance managers could generate preventive maintenance schedules for each individual facility.

Based on the results of the Facilities Conditions Assessment (FCA), CGL helped PSD managers request more than $6.5 million in capital improvement projects across the nine facilities. The data gathered during the FCA led to the implementation of a computerized maintenance management system. The CMMS allowed the PSD to document its preventive maintenance program to improve the overall condition of Hawaii’s detention and corrections facilities.