Georgia Institute of Technology


CGL’s partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology began before the start of the 2010-11 school year, when we were asked to provide a maintenance solution to the Housing Authority. Georgia Tech Housing could not control the temperature in many of the housing units because of recurring mechanical system failures.

We performed a condition assessment of all assets and reviewed their existing Preventive Maintenance Program. Based on the assessment, we developed a new maintenance plan and took over staffing responsibility of the Mechanical Department on June 8, 2010. In less than 30 days, CGL was on campus to address urgent maintenance issues, provide facility maintenance management services, and prepare for the annual dormitory opening move-in.

CGL is now fully integrated as part of the GT Housing Maintenance Department. We work hand-in-hand with other departments to ensure the housing units perform as expected for the residents. To do this, we perform all preventive maintenance for the mechanical equipment in 3,052,000 square feet of student housing space across the urban Atlanta campus.

CGL provides the technical personnel, tools, materials and supplies to perform more than 13,800 preventive and corrective work orders each year, requiring 19,932 staff hours. CGL’s approach is to maintain the buildings and their included equipment using skilled in-house personnel at high utilization rates. This approach allows us to perform more work in less time while minimizing the use of expensive outside contractors. CGL’s preventive maintenance focus keeps equipment running at peak efficiency, reducing repair costs and energy usage to control costs for Georgia Tech.

2022 is CGL’s twelfth-year anniversary at Georgia Tech. Since we became part of Georgia Tech Housing’s maintenance team, we have worked with many University departments, such as Facilities Design and Construction, Energy and Utility, Housing O&M, ResLife, and Conference, helping build reliability in their facilities so they can achieve their vision for Georgia Tech.



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