Georgia Department of Corrections


The Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) prison system consists of 58 facilities with an average age of greater than 25 years. GDC officials recognized the need to establish a data-driven preventive maintenance plan in 2016, and engaged CGL to catalog their building inventory and implement a computerized maintenance management system.

CGL worked with Maintenance Connection to establish the database and asset tree for the GDC’s CMMS database. CGL worked closely with GDC personnel to define the goals of the project and determined what GDC wanted to achieve through use of the CMMS. The result of these discussions established CGL’s project handbook to inform and guide the in-field data gathering teams.

Prior to sending teams to the individual facilities, CGL gathered as-built drawings wherever available and pre-loaded the CMMS database with the included information. CGL also used the drawings to develop an approach for each facility. Database entry from the drawings began on January 11, 2017, and was complete within two weeks.

CGL assigned 12 people to the data gathering teams and began work in GDC facilities on January 30, 2017. Over the course of eight months, CGL visited all 58 included facilities and inventoried more than 22,000 assets. Throughout the facilities, CGL cataloged 1,152 individual buildings, including inmate housing, staff housing, administration offices, workspaces, warehouses, central plants, wastewater treatment plants, kitchens, laundry, and more.

As the on-site teams finished their inventories, CGL central office personnel began populating the Maintenance Connection databases. Setting up each facility as it was completed allowed for early training and immediate issuance of work orders from the CMMS. Maintenance Connection and CGL have worked together to define work order processes based on equipment type and manufacturer, while also considering the secure prison environment.

CGL began training GDC personnel on CMMS use and maintenance in March, 2018. Training included how to make service requests, performance monitoring, and monthly reporting. Over six months, CGL provided detailed training to 85 GDC

CGL continues its engagement with the GDC. After the first 58 facilities were set up for CMMS maintenance management, the GDC added additional facilities to be included in the system. This second project phase will mimic the original phase, with facility inventories, database setup, and personnel training. CGL will also help the GDC define and develop effective preventive maintenance procedures for longer facility life.



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