Fort Bend County Jail


CGL was initially hired by Fort Bend County, Texas, to provide planning and programming services for an 880-bed, 212,000 SF expansion to the Fort Bend County Jail.

After initial review of the program, CGL was able to set an $80 million budget for the construction of a new jail tower. CGL managed the architectural program so the budget created in 2005 returned almost $5 million at the end of the program in 2009. Through value engineering, CGL also increased the jail beds to 1,008 without increasing the budget.

CGL managed the CM at Risk contract within budget and schedule. The $1.3 million saved through value engineering was used for owner initiated added scope, including: a new radio communications building, new phone switch, patrol car video wireless download system, and video visitation.

From 2009 to 2014, CGL provided facility maintenance throughout the jail facility. CGL had 10 people on-site completing an average of 15,000 work orders per year. The technicians were responsible for maintenance of all mechanical equipment, environmental systems, security controls, and life safety systems.



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