Forsyth County Courthouse and Jail


The new Forsyth County Courthouse and Jail project was approved by the voters on November 8, 2011. The project’s $100 million budget included 175,000 SF of new jail space and a new 160,000 SF courthouse, as well as a parking facility for 800 vehicles. Forsyth County contracted with CGL in 2010 to serve as the project’s Program Manager and act as the Owner’s Representative throughout the project. CGL’s primary function was to control the projects budget and schedule by involving all stakeholders in the development and construction process. CGL assisted Forsyth County during architect and construction manager procurement, then led the team through the design development phase. With CGL’s assistance, the team developed a program that met the County’s needs without exceeding the $100 million budget.

CGL was responsible for reviewing planning and programming documents, scrutinizing the budget and schedule, recommending a construction delivery method, reporting to the Board of Commissioners, and coordinating the stakeholder team. CGL also holds the stakeholders accountable for decisions and actions to complete the facility on schedule. Uniquely, CGL provided maintenance consulting to the architect during the design process to ensure the building’s long-term sustainability.

CGL currently manages all aspects of facility maintenance for the jail and the courthouse in Forsyth County. CGL has seven maintenance technicians on-site in Forsyth County to manage all aspects of preventive and corrective maintenance. CGL also manages the warranty aspects of the new facility. CGL’s on-site staff includes electricians, locksmiths, HVAC mechanics, plumbers, and electronics security specialists.