El Paso County Jail


CGL provides owner’s representative and program management services for the expansion of the El Paso County Jail Annex to accommodate the County’s growing population. In 2011, the jail’s average capacity was greater than 95%. According to the Texas Committee for Jail Standards, the County needed solutions to reduce the population capacity. Given the County’s economic growth, facility expansion was the most viable option. The County chose to add on to its Jail Annex, located outside of the urban areas of El Paso, thereby saving land costs.

CGL was hired to work with the local construction manager to design and build the jail expansion. CGL’s first task, Value Engineering of the initial design, yielded immediate savings of $4.3 million. CGL, in collaboration with the design-build team, was also able to make design and engineering recommendations that will result in substantial added value to the facility, giving the County immediate equity.



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