belknap county NH jail needs assessment


Belknap County Jail & Community Corrections Center


Belknap County, New Hampshire hired CGL to develop a plan for replacing its old and outmoded jail, with an eye towards establishing a viable community corrections component.

An analysis and planning phase evaluated correctional population characteristics and trends to determine housing needs for the full continuum of risk/need offenders – from secure detention to community correction step-down beds. It was determined that 30% of the population could be housed in a staff secure, community-corrections environment, and recommendations were provided for population-specific programs and services. A full functional and architectural program was developed for both components.

The space program was tested on the existing site and a site master plan was developed to ensure “fit” on the county complex – from there, a full project budget estimate was developed. Throughout the process, the team worked closely with the County’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee, ensuring a collaborative and transparent process.



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