Promoting Gender Equity through Jail Design with Denver Sheriff Elias Diggins

How do we reframe, reform, and rethink gender in the criminal justice environment? Hosts Eli Gage and April Pottorff sit down with Denver City and County Sheriff Elias Diggins to discuss Diggins’ progressive stance confronting the gender inequality currently driving environmental design and operations within the criminal justice industry. Diggins explains how a trauma-informed and gender-responsive approach can initiate an increase in overall inmate compliance, rehabilitation, and successful reintegration into society. Diggins also discusses how his department replicated successful gender-inclusive design found in other jail facilities.

In this episode, we explore:

  • Understanding the impacts trauma has on female offender populations
  • The key differences between male and female offenders and how they drive successful design
  • The data-driven results from creating a positive mental environment for offenders, including the use of natural light and color palettes
  • Best practices when designing rehabilitative spaces for individualized mental health treatment

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Leadership in the Design of Women’s Facilities

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