An Inside Look at Travis County Civil and Family Courts Facility with Judge Lora J. Livingston

“As the population increases, so does the business of the courthouse,” says Travis County Courts Administrative Judge Lora J. Livingston. With the county’s population increasing by 35% in the past decade, Travis County, Texas is no exception. This episode of 360 Justice features a discussion with Judge Livingston, who played an active role in representing the judiciary in the planning and design of the new Travis County courthouse. Listen as Judge Livingston walks hosts Eli Gage and Rob Fisch through the project’s rough beginning, the success of its progressive P3 approach, and its ability to accommodate for the future with its multipurpose design and smart use of adaptable space.

In this episode, we explore:

  • What made Public-Private Partnership (P3) the best approach for building the new Travis County Courthouse
  • How the courthouse’s new amenities, architecture, and design keep its community and stakeholders top of mind
  • What preparation, research, and investments are needed to launch a project such as the new Travis County Courthouse
  • The impact of COVID-19 on court operations and which accommodations may be here to stay

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Courthouse of the future: Operational challenges drive change, and change drives design. How does the Courthouse of the Future answer today’s most critical issues in court operations?