Two employees on the Placer and Auburn County Jails maintenance team received awards for their exemplary performance.

Shout-out to James Reed who won the Top Technician of the Quarter for the second quarter, April-June.

“(James is a) multifaceted technician that has become the go-to guy for major projects and repairs. He also shares his knowledge with the other technicians and assists them on a daily basis. We save time and money having James because we don’t have to outsource work to an outside contractor because of his technical prowess,” said Darnell Walker, James’ manager.

Darnell also acknowledged Toni Guerrero-Jagerhorn. She received an Appreciation Award for her instrumental role in winning the Placer County Contract again.

CGL is proud to have James and Toni as a dedicated and skilled team members. Congrats, James and Toni, keep up the good work!