On October 29, the American Institute of Architects kicks off its 2017 Academy of Architecture for Justice conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our leaders in criminal justice design will be on-hand to share their expertise. 

Dr. Marayca López co-chairs this year’s conference, which will focus on “Multidisciplinary Justice.” Attendees will share and discuss relevant theories and evidence-based practices with experts from multiple fields, forging paths for the cultivation of collaborative interdisciplinary criminal justice/architecture coalitions.

Check out the panels below to meet the CGL experts behind the insight.

Monday, October 30

8:00-9:30am: New Courthouse/New Public Service –Design/Operations Alignment” (Multnomah County Central Court House, Portland, OR)

Panel: Frank J. Greene, FAIAApril Pottorff, FAIA; Barbara Marcille; Amanda Petretti, AIA

1:00-2:30pm: “The Three-Door Jail: A Case Study” (Detention, Diversion, Deflection in Montgomery County, MD)

Panel: Kenneth Ricci, FAIA; Robert L. Green; Don Scheuerman; Athena Morrow, Intl. Assoc. AIA, LCPC

3:15-4:45pm: “From Strip Mall to Courthouse: Bringing Justice to Community” (Richland County Decker Center, Columbia, SC)

Panel: Enrique Maciá, AIAChloe Jaco, AICP, LEED AP; Judge Donald Simons; Christopher A. Beard, AIA; Chad D. Fosnight.

5:00-6:30pm: “Re-Envisioning Juvenile Justice Educational Environments: Inspire. Integrate. Innovate.”

Panel: Stacey Wiseman, AIA; April Pottorff, FAIA; Gregory Luhan, AIA, PhD; Grant Shaw; Terrence Dankwa; Eileen VanHoose, AIA