MIAMI, May 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This week the Jackson County, Missouri legislature voted unanimously for the design and construction of a new detention center, which is set to modernize and improve the county’s detention services and capabilities.

Faced with overcrowded, deteriorating facilities that posed significant safety concerns for both staff and inmates, the County realized in order to truly make a shift in its approach to detention, a new facility was necessary. Jackson County intends to meet the community’s needs by planning and building a detention center that is safe, secure, efficient to operate, and incorporates thoughtfully designed long-term solutions for the Jackson County Justice System.

One of the key elements of planning, building, and operating a detention center, is respecting the dignity of detained individuals. To accomplish this, the new facility will provide evidence-based treatment and training opportunities that address the needs of the individual and the underlying causes of criminal behavior. The new detention center will boast high-tech security features, improved inmate housing and services, and ample space for staff and administrative offices. The facility will be equipped to meet the needs of both male and female detainees and will serve as a modern and secure detention center that meets all state and federal regulations….

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